26 April 2016 09:28:59
Odessa was one of the first cities in Russian Empire to taste the noble brandy. In 1803 owing to its port Odessa begins the delivery of the best cognacs produced in France.
26 April 2016 09:27:55
Always wondered how to make a movie? A single visit to the museum of cinema, a section of National Union of Cinematography, will solve the mystery.
26 April 2016 09:27:02
Odessa was built by the best architects of Europe: Boffo, Frappoli, Torcelli, Bernardazzi, Morandi, Melnikov, Gonsiorovsky and others. That is why Odessa is rich in beautiful palaces and monuments.
26 April 2016 09:26:09
Belgorod-Dniester is one of the most ancient cities in Ukraine. This city has been known since the VI century BC as an ancient Greek settlement called Tyra.
26 April 2016 09:25:17
The architectural landscape of the city is unique. The vast central part of the city represents a fascinating architectural reserve, where you can see Gothic and Classical architecture, Empire and Baroque, Renaissance and Art Nouveau.
26 April 2016 09:24:24
Odessa was always called a small Israel. According to data assembled by the city governor, the number of Jews living in Odessa in the early 1900s was over 30 percent of the city's total population - a greater number was seen only in New York and Warsaw.
Shabo traditions of winemaking were established in ancient times. The first grapes were grown in this region in the 12th century.
26 April 2016 09:22:14
Odessa was the field of activity of a legendary thief - Son'ka the Golden Hand.
26 April 2016 09:21:14
The nightlife culture in Odessa is very active. Cafes and restaurants, streets and avenues are crowded. So what is so tempting in this evening city?
26 April 2016 09:20:16
Oh, those patios... They take a special place in our city's history, because everything started there. Different songs, poems and anecdotes are dedicated to these courtyards.