«Museum of the Cinema»
26 April 2016 09:27:55

Always wondered how to make a movie? A single visit to the museum of cinema, a section of National Union of Cinematography, will solve the mystery. It is located in a historical mansion (part of Odessa film studio nowadays), which belonged to San-Donato and even to a famous clan in Russia - Demidov's family. Here you can find different epoch-making materials: an ancient camera that filmed all the movies of Alexander Dovzhenko, a precious glove of Vera Kholodnaya (her adopted daughter gave this glove to our museum, when she came to Odessa searching for her mother's grave), a black duet of Vladimir Vysotsky: his hat and his coat made for the part of Zhiglov in "The Meeting Place Cannot Be Changed". Our museum keeps the memory of past victories and tragedies. All the film studios, patios, benches and decorations (how did they survive?) remember their heroes. Some young famous directors (Kira Muratova, Eva Neytman, Sergei Kuraev) still come here occasionally to film.

Duration: 2 hours and 30 minutes.